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Superstitions and Sports

Spring has finally arrived and that means that not only golf season is back, but so is baseball season.

One thing that commonly goes hand-in-hand with baseball is superstitions. I’ve never been a real superstitious person myself; I have routines sure, but not “rituals” that I HAVE to do when playing sports.

I’ve always found superstitions pretty interesting, former Boston Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra was notorious for his batting glove routing while he was at the plate. It was a quirk that people began knowing him by (it also may contribute to the sluggish pace of baseball games today). Usually the origins of many superstitions are unknown. And after some research I found that there are quite a few superstitions tied with golf. Let's take a look at a couple.

  • Don’t use balls you found on the golf course the same day you found them.

Not sure where this came from. Perhaps the thought is if you “take” what belongs to the course it’ll take one back from you. I think if this is your superstition, you could maybe do yourself a favor and use a “donation” rule. For every ball you give to the course (e.g. slicing it 100 yards into the woods), you can use a ball you found on the course that day. That’s fair, right?

  • Don’t cool off a “hot” ball by washing it.

Let’s say you’ve played four holes with the same ball, and by golly, you have two pars and two birdies to start your round! Superstition says not to wash that golf ball. Supposedly it’ll cool it down and you’ll start scoring poorly.

  • Every ball has just one birdie in it.

This is madness I say. Though honestly I can’t think of a time I’ve ever had two birdies with the same ball… then again I can’t remember the last time I had a birdie. Regardless, if every ball has just one birdie in it, you might want to stick to the value packs for your best value per birdie.

What are some other golf superstitions you know of? Do you believe in any of the few above? Or do you have one that’s not listed? Continue the discussion on our Facebook post!