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Sink More Putts!

That dreaded 3 putt.  Missing a 6 foot birdie putt.  Or even worse....missing that two foot par putt.  It happens and let's be honest, it drives us bananas.  So many of us go and hit balls before a round, but forgo practicing arguably the most important part of the game.  Before every single round of golf, I make sure I practice my putting stroke for at least 15 minutes.  I'll roam around the practice green trying all sorts of different distances.  I'll also make sure I don't focus on a certain distance for too long.  I usually only bring two balls out to the putting green for that same reason.  By practicing putting and getting a good feel for the greens, my confidence level will be up significantly going into my round.  Give this a try before each round and you'll be so much more confident on the dance floor!