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Make Your Practice Sessions Count!

Many of us tend to rush our practice sessions or in that case, beating balls session.  For instance, you'll have thirty minutes to spare before you head home for dinner and grab a medium bucket of balls.  You hit about 30 irons, 30 woods, and then 15 wedge shots within a half hour.  That's way too many shots to get any kind of feel on what you're trying to accomplish or work on.  I give myself an hour to hit 75 balls.  I try to treat practice almost like a round of golf.  I pick my target, visualize my shot, and execute.  I also take a good amount of breaks in between shots when I'm practicing to clear my head.  Try not to focus so much on hitting drivers as well.  I like to keep my ball count under 15 when I'm practicing the long ball.  Give these tips a shot and your range sessions with be a whole lot more productive!