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How To Play In The Heat

It's been one hot summer here in Northern Virginia.  Fortunately that hasn't stopped golfers from playing!  Here are some great ways to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up while playing in the heat:

1)  Lots of water.  This seems obvious, but it's overlooked and there's nothing worse than running out of H2O on the 14th hole.
2)  Snack on citrus filled fruit.  Grapefruits and oranges are filled with citrus and Vitamin B which keeps your energy levels up!
3)  Light colored clothing.  Make sure you stay away from black/navy blue colored shirts or shorts.  The dark colors absorb the most heat.
4)  Wet towels.  Try to consistently wet your towel at one of the water coolers during the round (and prior too).   Wrapping it around your neck in between holes will help cool your body temperature.