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A Necessary Evil

There are a few times of the year that a golfer dreads most:

1. Winter

2. Spring aeration

3. Autumn aeration

Unfortunately we can’t prevent any of them. They come around every year like . . . well, the seasons.

Over the course of the year, greens and the soil beneath them become very compacted due to the constant mowing and rolling of the greens. This compacting causes the soil to lose the ability to absorb the proper amount of water and air required to keep the greens healthy.

Greens aeration is the process of punching holes in the greens so air and water can reach the roots and help keep the greens healthy for the length of the golf season. Once punched, the holes are filled with sand and take some time to heal. But once they’re healed, the greens begin to thrive and become the immaculate product they’re intended to be.

This year greens aeration for Lake Ridge Golf Course will be on Wednesday, April 15th. Typically it doesn’t take more than a day to finish our course since we only have 9 holes. But we do prepare for it to extend into the next day. During this time, the course will be closed for play. With all the equipment being moved around, it’s impossible to allow golfers on the course, and we apologize for that.

For about a week after aeration, we’ll have a special $10 rate for 9 holes for everyone while the greens heal up.

As the title suggests this is unfortunately a necessary evil in golf course maintenance. The good news is because we’ll be aerating a little later than normal and that will allow the greens to heal much faster since we’re now in the “growing season”.

I appreciate your understanding while we take care of the required maintenance and hope to see you at the course soon!